Progreso Latino

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Before and After School Program

Progreso Latino provides transportation to students who need the service to go to their school, and also to pick them up from each individual school. During the After-School Program, youth mentors help students with their homework and/or provide them with additional work to help them advance on skills taught in school. We also offer them extracurricular learning activities such as Karate classes and we are providing a weekly cultural children’s dance and theater class that is facilitated by the local middle school at Progreso Latino every Friday afternoon. This program links older middle-school school children as peer-educators and mentors. The class is hands-on and activity driven and involves performance and presentations through improvisation and dance.
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Head Start

We partner with the Central Falls Schools (CFS) to offer the Head Start Program to our students. Students who are in the Head Start program must meet eligibility requirements. Eligibility is set by the U.S. poverty guidelines.

The Head Start Program’s goal is to meet all the basic needs of poverty stricken families. Through the Head Start Program, CFS provides Progreso Latino with funds that cover four hours of instruction per day from our certified teachers.

Students in the Head Start Program also acquire a social worker; they also have the support of a nurse who provides children with health screenings and additional services based on each family’s needs.

Our teachers must provide CFS with documentation of student progress and family conferences every 3 months, we also offer a curriculum based in RIELS and we target the domains required by Head Start.
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Summer Camp Program

Every year we offer a summer camp in order to provide children from the community with a healthy and wholesome educational experience in a pleasant environment; where they can play sports, produce art, and grow their cognitive skills. We serve breakfast, lunch and snacks daily.
This past summer we offered tennis classes for kids between the ages 6 to 11, kids and families were very happy to be exposed to this professional sport. The tennis classes were Tuesday and Thursday.

Children also participated in Jungle Yoga; a dance where children explore with movement by imitating jungle animals. It was a great experience.