¡No Más Violencia!

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We offer comprehensive direct services to Victims of Crime

  • Crisis Intervention: services that respond to the urgent emotional & physical needs after crime.

  • Emergency Services: shelter, clothing, emergency, legal assistance such as filing a restraining order.

  • Support services: follow up counseling, information, advocacy in the criminal justice system and social services.

  • Criminal Justice related services; orientation in court procedures, restraining orders, elderly abuse, child abuse.
VOCA • Victims of Crime Act

The Act was established by the U.S Treasury and set up a separate account known as the Crime Victims Fund. The Act is not financed by tax dollars; it is generated entirely by fines, penalty assessments, and forfeited appearance and bail bonds collected by the federal government.
VOCA assists individuals that have been victimized; domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Other crimes include but not limited to… identity theft, fraud, bullying, cyber stalking, elderly abuse.
Your privacy and confidentiality is our priority…

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